About the Academic Federation

What is the Academic Federation?

The only organization of its kind in the University of California system, the UC Davis Academic Federation represents members of 17 academic titles and is one of the five official campus constituencies. We promote the ideas and interests of our members to campus administration and other stakeholders, often working closely with the Academic Senate on matters of mutual importance.

Why is the Academic Federation an important part of UC Davis?

We are instructors, researchers, health care practitioners, librarians, and more. We are unique in that we are academic appointees who are neither staff nor Senate members, which gives us a different vantage point of campus. By aligning our interests and coordinating our efforts through the Federation, we present a cohesive, respected voice when collaborating with campus and constituent leadership.

In addition, Federation members participate on personnel review committees that facilitate the merit and promotion process for our titles, ensuring our members are appropriately reviewed and recognized by their peers.

Want to volunteer for Academic Federation service?

With 15 active committees, chances are we have one that fits your interests. The call for volunteers is distributed during winter and spring quarter, so please be sure to submit your preferences at that time. As an extra incentive, serving on a Federation committee will likely help fulfill the service requirement of your academic appointment.

As another bonus, you’ll learn more about your Federation colleagues in other titles and the important work we all do across campus. There are many opportunities for networking both within your committees and at Academic Federation events.