Planning and Budget

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Planning & Budget 2017-2018

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I. Planning and Budget Review
  1. This committee shall consist of at least three and a maximum of six members. The members may represent the areas of specialization of the Federation constituency.
  2. The chair of this committee shall serve as the Federation representative to the Academic Senate Academic Planning and Budget Review Committee.
  3. One member of this committee shall serve as a Federation representative to the Instructional Space Advisory Subcommittee of the Academic Senate Academic Planning and Budget Review Committee.
  4. The committee shall have the following duties:
    a. to confer with and advise the Executive Council regarding campus and University plans, policy, and actions affecting academic planning, budget, and resource allocations;
    b. to prepare an annual budget for Federation activities and to submit it to the Executive Council for approval, if funds are allocated;
    c. to initiate and coordinate studies or reviews of existing and/or proposed programs which relate to the planning and budget needs of the Federation membership, based on Federation Executive Council requests, and to report thereon to the Federation Executive Council;
    d. to prepare an annual statement of long-range goals and short-term needs of non-Senate academic appointees, raising concerns and issues to be submitted to the Executive Council.