Academic Federation

The UC Davis Academic Federation is a 'federation' of academic appointees that is parallel in function to the Academic Senate's role for ladder faculty. We serve the interests of the campus and the academic professionals who constitute our membership. Do yourself and your colleagues a favor - SIGN UP NOW to participate on AF committees for the coming year.

See the full list of volunteer opportunities by logging into the Academic Senate Information System (ASIS) website at Click on "Proceed" then log in with your Kerberos ID and Password. Click on the "Call for Preference of Service" link at the top of the page under "Items that Require Your Attention." Choose committees that interest you and rank them in order of preference, then submit the form online. Appointment notifications will be made by early July, and appointments begin September 1, 2014.

CURRENT ISSUES – Academic Year 2012-2013:


  • AF Awards for Excellence in Research, Excellence in Teaching Reception on May 11, 2011. Read about this story on UC Davis Dateline
  • IDA Awards will be announced in late May