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H. Personnel
  1. This committee shall consist of five members. The committee shall normally be composed of two members of the Librarian series, one Supervisor of Teacher Education, one Continuing Educator, and one member chosen from among the other Federation titles. In any case, the committee should represent as far as possible the composition of the titles reviewed by this committee.
  2. The committee is authorized to confer with the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and to make recommendations respecting appointments, promotions, merit increases, personnel policies and standards, salaries, and related matters for Federation members with the titles Librarian, Supervisor of Teacher Education, Supervisor of Physical Education, and Continuing Educator.
  3. When the proposed action for review is for a Supervisor of Physical Education, one member from that series will be appointed to the committee on an ad hoc basis for that review. However, the committee shall have the option of asking the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs for an exception to this procedure, if the committee feels sufficiently confident in reviewing the action.