Excellence in Teaching

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Excellence in Teaching 2017-2018

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02/16/2018   408 Mrak Hall   12:00 PM - 02:00 PM Summary Agenda



E. Excellence in Teaching Award–Selection Committee
  1. This committee shall consist of four members of the Federation, one representative from the Academic Senate appointed by the Senate Committee on Committees, one undergraduate student representative, and one graduate student representative.
    a. The four Federation members shall be (1) the Vice Chair of the Educational Affairs Committee, who will serve as chair of this committee; (2) two members of the Federation who have significant teaching responsibilities; and, (3) whenever possible, a past recipient of the Federation Award for Teaching Excellence.
  2. The quorum of the committee will be three members. (En. 1/3/2014)
  3. The committee shall review and select up to two recipients per academic year.
  4. A recipient of this award cannot be a current member of this Committee.
  5. The committee shall issue the call for nominations for these awards the first quarter of the academic year of the award presentation, in conjunction with the call for nominations for the Award for Excellence in Research. With advice from the staff support and in coordination with the Chair of the Research Committee, the chair of the selection committee will determine the appropriate deadline for nominations and timely announcement of recipients. This selection committee will recommend its selected recipients to the Executive Council for approval within a reasonable timeframe with regards to the awards reception. (Am. 1/3/2014)