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Communications 2017-2018

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F. Committee on Communications
  1. This committee shall consist of five members:
    a. One member will be assigned to represent the Federation on the Campus Committee for Information Technology. This member shall be appointed for a three-year term and will also be responsible for discovering and disseminating ways in which technological innovation can enhance the Federation's mission and serve its membership.
    b. The chair of this committee shall serve as a member of the James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award selection committee. (En. 1/3/2014)
    c. The secretary of the Federation will sit on this committee as an additional member, ex officio.
  2. The members of this committee shall:
    a. develop strategies to communicate with Federation members, propose these strategies to the Federation Executive Council, and assist in the implementation of approved strategies to disseminate information to members. (Am. 1/1/2008)
    b. draft information to be posted on the Federation website and seek review and approval from the Federation Secretary for posting. (Am. 1/3/2014)
    c. participate in the development and dissemination of publicity for Federation activities using various information communication technologies, such as email and social media. (Am. 1/3/2014)