Academic Federation Step Plus

In May 2015, Academic Federation (AF) members in several Research title series voted to adopt the Step Plus Merit and Promotion system. The Academic Federation will be moving forward with Phase II of the Step Plus Merit and Promotion system.   

In Spring 2017, AF members in the following title series will vote on whether to adopt the Step Plus Merit and Promotion system for actions involving these titles:

  • Academic Administrator
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Assistant/Associate University Librarians and Law Librarians
  • Continuing Educators
  • University Extension Teachers

To prepare individuals for voting, a short video has been developed that explains the basics of Step Plus. Along with the video, the AF Step Plus website has been established by which individuals may review information and submit questions via the web forum. Those questions will be answered and frequently occurring questions will be used to develop a FAQ page.

Please watch the video as many times as you feel necessary. Please ask any questions via the web forum that occur to you regarding AF Step Plus.

The AF has developed specific review guidelines for merit advancement in each job title. These are interim guidelines for the upcoming merit cycle, assuming that Step Plus is supported by affected AF voters.