Objectives of Academic Federation:

  • Promote visibility and appreciation for the contributions of AF members
  • Facilitate the development, peer evaluation and support of AF members
  • Advocate for AF members and promote their participation in shared governance
  • Serve as a resource for the campus and UC
  • Advise administration and Academic Senate on issues that affect AF members

Issues of Concern for Academic Federation:

  • Increase awareness of the role of AF in the wider campus community
  • Promote cohesion and mentoring among AF members
  • Continue participation of the AF in shared governance
  • Continue effective peer review (personnel process) and professional development (grants and awards) for AF members
  • Impact of increasing enrollment and multinational student body on AF members
  • Impact of online learning and alternate methods of learning on AF titles that teach
  • Assignment of research and teaching space to AF members and how this will be handled as the University grows
  • Establish Academic Federation on other UC campuses