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Rules & Elections 2016-2017

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L. Rules and Elections
  1. This committee shall consist of four members.
  2. The committee shall have the following duties with respect to the Federation Bylaws:
    a. to prepare and report such changes and additions to the Federation Bylaws as it may deem advisable. This committee is also charged with the formal supervision of all changes in the Bylaws by other committees or by individuals.
    b. to make editorial and conforming non-substantive changes in the Bylaws with regard to numbering, heading, organizational titles, details of style, and similar items and report such changes to the membership.
    c. to publish the Bylaws, at such intervals as are appropriate.
  3. The committee shall conduct all elections of the Federation in accordance with the procedures set forth in these Bylaws (Section V. Elections and Section XV. Amendments to Bylaws).